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  1. Hi there – we are undergoing a substantial renovation on an old house in downtown Toronto. We have had drawings prepared, the permits are ready to go and the contractor is nearly done the demolition. We have also selected our kitchen cupboards and design.
    As we get back to the bones of the house, we realize we need help and direction with the more detailed design decisions of what the “new” home will look like – e.g., what type of ceilings will work? lighting? tiles for bathroom and kitchen? doors? There are a lot of decisions to make and an expert opinion would be much appreciated.
    Do you have time in the next few weeks for a consult?
    Thank you,

  2. Hello,

    How are you? I am very impressed with your portfolio on your website, and was wondering if you could kindly provide more information about how we could connect re: a potential design facelift for our condo?

    Please let me know what information you require to proceed with a consultation, and your breakdown of pricing etc.

    Thanks and Kind Regards,

    Sabrina Akhtar

  3. Hi there, my name is Tony and I live on The Kingsway. I left a voicemail at your office # with Gallery Homes. My wife and I are in the early stages of planning a renovation of our bungalow, with the idea of Spring 2013. We are hoping to get some initial ideas on what type of reno we can do (new build vs. addition) and timeframe and costs associated.

    You have some great photos in your Projects catalogue and we hope our home can resemble some of those in the near future.

    Tony and Sophia

  4. Hey Melissa…I’m looking for an email address to contact your firm but don’t see one here. Can you get back to me? I’m Lindsay Ellerby (old co-worker of Timmy’s). Company email is thinking@normativedesign.com. Looking for potential partners on a Normative retail interior/technology project.

  5. Hello Miss Davis,

    I have admired your design work for many years on the sets of HGTV. My style is modern which is very difficult to find where I live in Virginia where EVERYTHING is traditional and Colonial. My favorite place to shop is IKEA.

    I am looking to turn one of my current rental properties into the modern oasis I’ve always dreamed of, and move into it when my youngest son graduates in two years. I need help in determining the best layout for the lower level. White is my favorite color and I want to use it everywhere (I also like light gray).

    Can you please tell me the process of hiring you and your rates.

    Please feel free to contact me ASAP as the property is currently vacant.

  6. We are excited to announce that Creekside Tile Company, which originated in Vancouver, has now opened a showroom in Toronto. We are proud to carry an extensive variety of unique tiles from around the world. We invite you to visit our showroom, where our mission is to source unique and creative products as well as provide superior customer service.

    Enrique Garcia.

    Creekside Tile Company Toronto.

    66 Clarkson Ave.

    Toronto, ON., M6E 2T6

    t. 416 256-3800
    f. 416 256-3801


  7. Hi Melissa-do you ever take on jobs for the program that are outside of TO-I would like to close the B&B and move into the main house -then rent the apt. in the spring summer and fall by the week or weekend-but it is old 1820s and has low ceilings and a small bathroom-I would have to fit two queen beds in etc-anyway let me know if you are considering out of town stuff-hope you are both well-Margot Westport On

  8. Melissa – Just wondering if email address is available for contacting you regarding possible design consultation? I see other posts have asked the same thing.

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