Hey! Restaurant in Post City

Another great review for Hey! and some light shed on what a champ chef Rod was during those first few weeks…..

First Look: Hey!, chef Rodney Bowers’ new kid-friendly restaurant on Roncesvalles
Sometimes life throws you a curveball. For Rodney Bowers , it happened as he was opening up his latest restaurant, Hey! . His wife had just given birth, and t…  Read More

Enriching Environments – Forming Creative Minds


This space is just remarkable to me.  Our lives are filled with regimented forms and ideals of normality.  A simple desk and school chair will have no adverse effect on a child, nor will it inspire, intrigue or give depth to their view of environment, form and texture.  I could go as far as to say a child learning in this environment may have an edge over those in the standard classroom.  If for nothing other than they have been exposed to something out of the ordinary, and are the recipients of a thought provoking design.

This space was designed by a group of students at the Institute for Architecture within the Berlin Technical University’s Department for Planning, Construction, and the Environment. Under the leadership of architect Susanne Hofmann, the Baupiloten conduct their studies.  The students take part in all phases of design and construction.






Architects: Die Baupiloten
Location: Berlin, Germany
Client: Stattbau Berlin – Stadtentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH
Photographs: Jan Bitter


Our work: HGTV’s Income Property, Season 4

We’re gearing up for the launch of HGTV’s hit series Income Property, Season 5.  You can catch all new episodes Thursday nights at 9 pm, starting September 8th on HGTV.ca.

Here’s a look back at the Season 4 Income Properties that Melissa designed.  See you Thursday!

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Project Profile: Faces Nightclub

We did a wee night club renovation on the strip here in Toronto.  It just opened, the kids love it, and here are the photos!  That hanging metal thingy over the dance floor, ya it holds dancing girls.