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 xo Melissa


melissa davis

Farm girl, urbanite and eternal optimist, Melissa is a creator of physical spaces and all that is required for existing within them.  The preeminent expert in achieving maximum ROI and navigating the infamously shaky residential renovation market. Her mandate is to make smart decisions that balance time and budget efficiencies without ever having to compromise on great style. With more than 18 years’ experience in design, construction and real estate as well as holding the position of Art Director & Series Designer for 8 consecutive seasons on the award-winning series Income Property, airing in more than 40+ countries on HGTV and DIY networks. Her work has graced the pages of the country’s top decor magazines, as well as regular television and media appearances, brand representations and speaking engagements as an expert in her field.

2 responses

  1. Hello – as curator for Odon Wagner Contemporary (& the traditional-arm Odon Wagner Gallery) I wanted to share the digital exhibition catalogues from some of our contemporary artists with both of you, and your team. If the idea sounds appealing, please reply to my business email: nicholas@odonwagnergallery.com

    Looking forward to your reply !

  2. Amazing work! Glad I found this via Gus Modern in your crawford home project and have bookmarked it for future reno potential in our Don Mills home. Will be in touch!

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