HCMD designs on Income Property, Season 7 – Episode 87

This Episode was a typical dark dated basement, with a tight budget.  This is a great example of turning the seemingly ugliest features into the biggest assets with a little cosmetic fix-up.

We maintained the old parquet floor and I had it stained dark [1 part special walnut, 1 part ebony].  The old kitchen was salvaged and Melissa reworked the cabinets to fit her new design, and painted the entire thing out the same as the general wall colour a nice soft grey [ICI Frost Grey A1942 30GG 52/011]  The walls themselves were ugly brown paneling, but once painted took on a casual cape cod appeal.  The most dramatic transformation, is the fireplace.  Simply giving it a clean white coat of paint made it the room’s focal point (in a good way!).

Check out the full resource guides for colours and specs here >



All Images [SKIT]

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