HCMD designs on Income Property, Season 7 – Episode 82

Income Property typically has us creating 2 units in a previously single family home.  We add an income suite, as the name suggests!  This episode was exciting from a design perspective, because it was an investment property and kept as a single family home.  What that meant was all above-grade, and more elevated finishes to attract a high-end renter.  Room to stretch our designer legs!

The kitchen is the show-stopper, here.  Melissa worked with IKEA Abstrakt white cabinets, to create a custom kitchen on a budget.  The counters are a really beautiful crushed glass composite that’s extremely durable and has tonnes of visual depth.  By using an inexpensive 2×8 white tile, in a random pattern below the wood shelf and vertical straight pattern above, it added a great contemporary look, with a bit of texture and interest.  The floating shelves are standard IKEA oak butcher block counters, cut to size and mounted on hidden, Lee Valley brackets.

Get a full list of materials, colours and trades used on this episode here >

_MCB5547 _MCB5927




All Images [SKIT]


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