Office Mate Profile: Wood Man

The mister and I have taken on a chunk of space in this great old warehouse building.  The idea being, we both need space to think and do creative “stuff” outside the house.    He’s moved over his photography gear and set up a proper area to shoot.  I’ve set up a big desk with space to sketch and mess around with materials.  Apparently it’s working since he’s already shot for Nike and I’ve decided to merge firms with another designer.  Our creative juices are flowing!

The space is fabulous with great old windows facing the city, clean white walls and a general want to be empty and pure.  Perhaps the best thing about the space, is the wood man from whom we rent.  We share the space with a Woodworker name Jeremy. He makes his wood stuff in a shop, he just uses this space for thinkin’ about wood stuff and doing office type stuff related to selling wood stuff.  Anywho, we love him and his ability to make a tree stump look lovely.  I’ve worked with a lot of cabinet makers, carpenters and wood men and I can wholeheartedly say these guys are the best.  Impeccable, ingenious and inspired.

Do check out their website.  Carroll Street Woodworkers


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