YDF at home: Our loft

our main living space. magazine hangers-umbra, lady paintings-vintage shop 2 of 4 in series we own, wood credenza-vintage, black painting by Timmy, sofa custom made by Spot Home, Children's table and chairs from Toys R Us, glass coffee table from South Hilll Home, Chairs from Studio B, white credenza from Ikea, leather day bed from Caban, drapers from Umbra-I bought two each and sewed one to the bottom of the other to get enough length, Children's lounger in bottom right from Ella and Eliot

our dining area / guest room. black chair from Ikea, black leather sofa turns into a double bed, table custom made by Space furniture on Queen East,chairs are vintage, Timmy is collecting black covered books for a furniture project - these may at some point be our dining table leg....., photo of Hudson and I by Timmy

Timmy and I both work at home often and this desk is where the majority of the magic is done. The desk is an old Caban dining table, the book cases are Ikea Billy, the light is home made by Timmy, the chairs are wish bones but sadly not originals, table lamp is the Moooi Rabbit

we have a proper bedroom upstairs and wee Hudson is housed behind the white drapes in the far corner. Dining table is my old desk from my former firm-custom made by Space Furniture on Queen east, the chairs are vintage teak, the sofa is our guest bed-it flips down into a double bed, chair in back is Ikea

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