HGTV’s Elana and Alicia tour my guest bathroom design

HGTV’s Elana and Alica get a personal tour of the guest bathroom at the MUC houseI designed, sadly with all the accesories and art removed for some construction touch ups!….. watch the full episode to see it really shine!

“Whad’ya think of this week’s episode?  I still think the two of them are hilarious.  As promised, here’s a meaty excerpt from my sojourn at the Marriage Under Construction construction site, which is shaping up to be quite the palace indeed!  In this latest video I follow Rod and Nat into their still empty basement apartment, which they assure me will not be so for much longer.  In a flash of generosity Rod gifts Alicia and I some tasty homemade treats, and then we have a full heart-to-heart in their guest bathroom, where you can witness that they really are ‘like that’ in real life.  Oh, and there’s something quite creepy about the house that comes to light over a meal at St. Hubert — Nat’s family tradition (not the creepiness but dining at St. Hubert’s…)”


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