New York Roof Top Houses via: Apartment Therapy

In our quests to have the best of all worlds, New York’s ingenuity and desire to fill/sell all available real estate….

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New York City doesn’t have a lot of real estate to build a full-fledged house. But a few industrious homeowners found space where they could, like these homes atop buildings. It’s penthouse living at its best.

The 1st photo is located on he Upper West Side, if anyone has more details let us know (talk about a future House Tour). You can see the Cape Cod style bungalow on East 1st Street and 1st Ave. The 3rd is actually an extension of the top floor apartment and lives on the corner of East 13th Street and 3rd Ave. And the 4th and 5th are prefab homes, the latter being an Icosa Village Pod located in Williamsburg and costs around $2,000.


[content and photos via photo credits: 1 Zack Johnson; 2Scouting New York; 3 New York Daily Photo; 4,5 Inhabitat.]

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