Moroccan Design Hotels

murano resort

I’m doing a bit of holiday prowling today on one of my favorite sites.  Where do designers go to find the best Design Hotels to visit?, of course!  Both of these hotels are in Marrakech, Morroco. 


Housed in a 300-year-old palace, the hotel is named for a former occupant, a girl named Yela who left behind an intimate journal in one of its secret rooms.

The building itself is an homage to Moroccan history – in particular, local architecture and design. Its restoration was conducted using only traditional Moroccan craftsmanship, with over 100 artisans performing the work completely by hand, without the help of a single electric tool. Similarly, each piece of furniture and ornamentation was personally designed by owner Bernd Kolb and designer Yannick Hervy and then hand-crafted by a team of Moroccan artisans.    >more info




Murano Resort

Designed by Christine Derory and Raymond Morel  the designer duo behind the Murano Paris.  Combining European design sensibilities with traditional Moroccan aesthetics, Derory and Morel created modern interiors with a North African flair contained within a palatial Moorish exterior. Facades feature typical red-pisé walls and arched oval windows, while suites boast white stucco walls, billowing white curtains and burgundy accents. 

Nowhere is this palette more stunningly expressed than in the resort foreground: set amidst leafy green trees, the red-tiled back-lit pool enhances the brilliant whites and reds of the pool-bar furniture, made exclusively for Murano by French design agency La COX.   >more info





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