K-Swiss Opens New Shop in London


K-Swiss opened an innovative new shop in London.  This design by London-based 6a Architects allows the retail space to be converted to an event / gallery space in just a few minutes.  They used library archive systems made of perforated polished stainless steel cladding for the display/storage shelving. Products can be displayed or hidden by sliding the varying units along the fixed tracks. 

 I can think of dozens of applications for this idea.  I’ve used these high-density storage systems in large offices before, and most recently on of Goldman Sloan Nash and Haber LLP’s  two-floor re-design and renovation here in Toronto.  



I can see this working residentially for walk in closets or in an open loft concept a galley kitchen can be completely closed and hidden.  These units standardly can come clad in wood, or metal in any colour imaginable.  Anyone out there need more storage?  I’m itching to do this now.


 source:[http://www.daytonic.com] photos:[David Grandorge]

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  1. I have admired K-Swiss for some time. A number of months ago I feel that as a company they has suffered. For a short time their eye for design wasn’t what it used to be and IME, the standard of the manufacture was going south. HAVING SAID THAT, today I feel K-Swiss have become the best although they are not the cheapest trainers

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