Toronto Receives a Fresh New Approach to Urban Living


An exciting new residential development is underway in Toronto.  This city is growing, and the condo towers will continue to spike the downtown landscape.  Property values on homes have come around quickly following the economic fall.  The reality is the houses that are here, represent all that will exist.  There will never be more free land  downtown for single family dwellings. 

There has been a bit of a sad disconnect happening the past 10 years.  There are two main dwelling styles, condo or house.  a scattering of town houses and for the lucky, a converfted loft.  But for the masses, there are two.  If you want simple living, low maintenance and are willing to sacrifice on the outdoor space and character, you choose a condo.  If you need outdoor space, interest beyond four white walls and the token sliding door, than you choose a house. 

A few years back I found a property with two tiny houses on it, one behind the other on a pre-severed lot.  It was downtown in a cool area and it got me excited!  For designers and architects these odd ball properties represent incredible potential.  I wanted to build two new large properties with a shared courtyard.  Multiple terraces and clean contemporary design.  This represented the building style european cities have been doing for years.

Toronto’s Cecconi Simone has been creating award wining modern residential designs for more than 20 years.  They’re known for their work with developers, designing sales centers and model suites that sell condos.  The business savvy pair of Anna Simone and Elaine Cecconi have decided to take matters into their own hands.  They partnered with Netkin Architects, pulled together additional financing from silent investors and established Blurredge Group, a development company.

Their first project is underway and has been received with the expected acclaimed reviews.  It is precisely what the city lacks. 



Located at 56 Lippincott Street at the meeting point between three vibrant and diverse Toronto neighbourhoods, Lippincott Living is a new eight-townhome in-fill development designed for young and young-at-heart urban dwellers. Distinguished by a sharp modern look, sensible open-concept interiors and design elements that are soft on the environment, these unique, limited-edition residences reflect the wants, needs and concerns of contemporary urban residents.

twoshotsEach 2,000-sq.-ft. Lippincott Living unit is built using an advanced structural system that employs prefabricated components—wood frames and precast concrete—which speed up construction times, reduce waste and provide greater quality control. Each home is a high-performance building designed to withstand the elements and maximize local climate conditions—retaining warmth in winter and cool air in summer—to reduce energy consumption.

waashroom2shotsThe design incorporates “living roofs” that help insulate, heat and cool the home, dampen street noise, and filter air and rainwater.  The group is know for their tireless attention to detail and as is their calling card, all furnishings, lighting, even accessories shown in the model suite can be purchased.  If one prefers, they can simply buy the lifestyle and bring their toothbrush. Pricing begins at $869,000.00

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