Don’t be afraid to GO BIG


I’m biased as this is a photo of my child, in my chair, on my rug, taken by my fella – but the designer in me, can’ t stop picturing this shot blown up 2x life size.  I would hang it low on a massive white wall, with the actual chair sat in front.  This style is reminiscent of  Jakub Dolejs  work.  Art imitating life.

 I’d share a shot of Jakub’s here, but their website disclaimer scared me a little.  follow the link – he’s a real talent.

The point is, don’t be afraid to go big, REALLY big with your photographs.  A shot like this in a big scale will have incredible impact and tell a personal story.  This could be amazing in a contemporary children’s room.  They like nothing more than to look at photos of themselves and other children, and it answers the wants of the modern grown ups too.


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