James Duncan at Industrial Storm

I popped into Industrial Storm this afternoon.  A client is keen on using the Hot Kroon sconce (below) from Piet Boon Zone, which are carried exclusively through the Queen West shop.


I’ve been using products from Industrial Storm for years. Many, many years…. Every so often I pop back in to see what’s new and without fail I find it a fulfilling stop.  They carry many collections, modern to classic but all having a timeless edge.  Each piece carries itself, holds it’s own in a room.  I’ve been longingly wanting  a dining table with turned wood legs and a brass capped foot for my own home.  Stunning.  I forget about it then stumble on him again like an old friend.  Some day I’ll take him home….

There is a sale on floor models from the James Duncan collection right now.  The collection has a blend of 18th Century reproductions and contemporary.  The selections have a strong masculine sense, or perhaps lack the unnecessary.  My articulation doesn’t allow a proper appreciation.  Simply, every piece is without flaw, beit modern simplicity or added details on classics.

The sale offers discounts of 50% on many pieces.  Definitely worth a visit, if not for the sale items in the least to rejuvenate the design juices.





I followed my design juice rejueve with a large veggie poutine from across the street at Poutini’s.  Carb rejeuve also now complete…. 


Industrial Storm
1099 Queen Street West,
T. 416 955 9888

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