Expose it, and things will look brighter.

I met with my Balmoral clients today – after the screen test – before my analyzing every answer I gave during the screen test….. any who, enough about me and my screen test. 

They just ordered their dining room light, from Commute on Queen west.  It’s inspired by a fixture up in Nyood, the swanky restaurant I bloged about a few months back.  It’s an exposed bulb fixture, as is quite popular these days.  There are some really well done versions available now, and many from some of my favorite designers.  Here’s a wee sampling for you.

swing arm lamp, gusswing-arm-lamp01

recycled tube lamp, castor designrecycledtubelight_castor_ca

bukler light, commutelight_bukler_copy

cluster light, castor designcastor

caged pendant, commutecaged_pendant

custom light at nyood, commutelight_nyood1

bobeche light, commutelightbobeche

lamp sculpture, kwangho leelampsculptures_-kwangho-lee

neon pendant, commuteneon

cluster pendant, moooimoooi_cluster

85 lamps pendant, droog85_lamps

steel table lamp, commutesteellamp

triple socket pendant, commutetriplesocket


[Source: www.commutehome.com , www.moooi.com, www.droog.com, www.gusmodern.com, www.gizmodo.com]

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