Smart kids, making us old dudes look…..less smart


I was on today and saw this homeless shelter concept that was created by 12-year old Max Wallack.  The structure is lightweight, sturdy, insulated with packing peanuts and made entirely from recycled materials. It recently took first place in PBS Design Squad’s  Trash to Treasure competition.

I was just joking with a friend about how we all need to look for our new niche to deal with the current economy.  Our idea, be it 100% humour masking angst, was to design fantastic looking homeless shelters.  The best we came up with was a cardboard box with a skylight.  Thank you Max for blowing our idea out of the water!

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2 responses

  1. Our architecture program here in texas actually had a project in the upper year divisions for designing a “homeless shelter”. It was an amazing and very humble project.

  2. Fantastic idea. I find students are amongst the most innovative…..not yet tainted by the realities that us seasoned folk are. I That could prove to be a great community build project. Perhaps a think tank with students and city officials, working together to solve such issues. Fresh thinking meets practicality. The meet in the middle may be just the ticket.

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