A New Perspective



This fantastic table was profiled today on Dwell.com by Geoff Manaugh.  “The table called  A New Perspective, by James Tooze of England’s Batch, combines graphic design and carpentry to produce a three-dimensional diagram of itself. That is, viewed from a certain angle, the table becomes a chart of its own construction.

Printed onto the outer surfaces of the table are thin white lines that reveal the internal joints and separate pieces that meet up to form the table. As the following images make clear, if you stand in the right place, it all lines up and the internal design—like a glimpse of the table’s skeleton—is revealed.”



 [Source + Photos: dwell.com]

One response

  1. This is amazing. I would love to see an entire room built out of stuff like this ….

    OR (big idea coming…!)

    A whole room with nothing in it with the furniture/appliances drawn in perspective that aligned when you step in the front door. How amazing would that be to see that at Come Up To My Room 2009.

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