I solomly swear to not take it to bed

No more blackberry in bed.  I’ve learnt my lesson.  When I write in this blog, I somehow feel like you are all behind me.  Feeling a bit anxious along with me when the contractor emails me at 3 am.  Because I know you are all traveling through the day wondering what on earth Your Designer Friend will do, I want to give you a quick update.

I have fantastic trades.  Trustworthy, efficient, budget conscious and reliable.  The value of that is immeasurable in this business.  The contractor received my 4 am response which was basically Eeeek!  this ain’t no good……let’s talk in the morning.  I just picked up my voice mail and had his chipper voice proclaiming it will not be an issue.  He received and heard my eeek, and has since called the trades and would like to start tomorrow putting up protection (plastic off the area) and prepping for their arrival.

I heart great trades.  Without them I am but a line drawing and an idea.  Can’t live in a dream people…..if you find a great contractor, love him (or her) buy them coffee when you visit the site and shake the hands of every last worker on the project.   I’m designating today “Hug a Trade Day”.

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