Oregon Architecture – they make more than a good potato..

0209_07I followed a link from my twitter today to a post by DWELL. They are profiling an event in Portland, Oregon called the 11x Design Home Tour.  It’s a city tour focusing on the area’s contemporary dwellings.  I had no idea, and frankly never cared to wonder about Portland’s architectural relevance.  I was pretty blown away by a few of the firm’s work.

This project in particular by PATH architecture  is really breathtaking.  A few of the details are so incredibly simple, and idealistic.  The stair guard is so light, so perfectly applied, that you look through it as opposed to at it.  The solid wood cantilevered stairs are allowed to stand alone without the visual break typically imposed by the rail. 

Have a look at the Dwell article if you’re interested.  There is a list of other firms at their post’s end.

These images are from Path’s site, and their recently completed Butler Residence.









An innovative three-story residence on a narrow but gently sloping southeast Portland site. The house features a dynamic interplay of interconnected double height spaces with territorial and downtown views, a movable exterior sun-shading system, usable green roofs, and complete continuity between the living space and a small courtyard on the ground floor.

Project Team: Corey Martin, Ben Kaiser, Scott Mannhard         Photography: Ty Milford (images 1-12)

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