5th annual Geen Toronto Awards – Call for nominations 2009!


It’s time again for Green Toronto Awards, the city of Toronto’s environmental awards of excellence. 

Send them your nominations for individuals, organizations and companies.  No project too big or too small!  All are eligible to win an award plus $5000.00 to donate to a registered Charity of your choice.  Help them recognize those making Toronto a cleaner, greener and more livable city.

Join Mayor Miller, Deputy Mayor Pantalone and special guest Ed Begley, Jr., for an evening of awards, music and celebration on April 23, 2009. The Green Toronto Awards will be the kick-off event of the third annual Green Living Show at the Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place.  For details visit www.greenlivingonline.com

Nomination forms online at www.toronto.ca/greentorontoawards
Deadline for nominations is February 27, 2009

Nominations will be scored based on the following criteria:

Effectiveness What were your goals? How have you measured your success?
Innovation, creativity and originality  How were innovative methods, strategies or ideas applied?
Promotion of environmental stewardship  How has the project/initiative/work motivated others to contribute to a greener Toronto?
Leadership  How has the nominee demonstrated vision, foresight and persistence?

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