Put another log on the fire….it’s steamy in here!

jevcjtte65rg95cqqbofxz6a_500These guys are Canadian. I first heard about them a few years ago when they had this sauna box at a design show. Now they’ve opened a restaurant Odd Fellows at Shaw and Queen and make those incredible reclaimed bulb lights that are seen about town.


They are self proclaimed artists, and really fricken talented. Everything they do is a bit quirky, and dripping with the ridiculously necessary – unnecessary. The sauna box would be amazing at a country house, but equally amazing in an urban backyard.  Perhaps not as practical and typical as in the house but me thinks a joy to use in that it’s an experience in itself.

Anywho, have a look. I’m in mad love with it.

Standard specs:This traditional wood-burning sauna is built into a shipping container. The Sauna Box is completely self-contained with solar power and a wood fired stove. The box comes standard with ipod stereo, guitar hook-up, Castor Stool, magnetic truck light, wool toque and bronze antlers.  The Sauna Box can be customized to suit the site.

See more products and projects by Castor Design at www.castordesign.ca.  Please contact Your Designer Friend for more information or to purchase Castor Products. melissa@designerfriend.ca



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  1. That container sauna isn’t so far-fetched! You’d be amazed at what people build out of these boxes! I’ve seen recording studios, art studios, roadside restaurants, little stores at the beach, primitive cabins out in the boonies, you name it! My family is building a home out of ’em! And not a “little house” either. Nuh uh! Three story, a few bedrooms, and even (gasp!) a bathroom or two! My blog (The Life and Times of a Renaissance Ronin) tells all the gory details! We’ve got everything you can imagine, but, not a “sauna box.” My wife would just lock me in it, until I turned into a smoked sausage! 🙂

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