Patio Season is Here!


Mean joke, I know…..

I wanted to share with you a new line I’ll be carrying.  Perhaps it will inspire you to dream about the patio that will be come spring.  You can order your new BBQ and furniture in January to beat the blah’s and ensure it’s delivered well in advance..

This is brand new and again out of Europe.  If you live in a condo or apartment it’s especially exciting.  You’re allowed to house and use it on a patio.  It’s electric!

It’s electric, mobile, functional and gorgeous.  It has a built-in stainless cover that slips down behind into a tidy little compartment when not in use.  there is a slate area for placing meat, storage space and a pullout cleaning tray below the grill.

It even comes with a full sized screw driver and little ramp for placing it.  Detail people, detail.

Here’s a shot of a few more of their offerings.  come visit me when you’re ready at .


One response

  1. side note – the holes in the side of the BBQ are actually functional. There are accessories that hang off. baskets and such. The holes were really bugging me…..I hate perforated metal just as a design statement. The 90’s are over! BUT when it’s purposeful I love it….

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